Wheely Bug Ride Ons

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Unique concept will increase gross motor skills which are the very foundation for all future mental and physical development.
Bright, soft and friendly, an instant attraction to young girls and boys alike.
Tough covering, resistant to the inevitable “little accidents”, easy to clean.
Constructed with only the highest quality components.
Multidirectional castors, no more getting stuck against obstacles.
Researched and developed in child care centres (designed for “industrial’” kid use.)
Certified tested and exceeds Toy Safety Standards
Intended for use on smooth floors, ideal for indoors.
Castors rated at 30kg each total maximum capacity 120 kg !!
Spring mounted “feelers”, wobble much to the delight of children, have an internal limiter cord, cannot be removed with a force less than 30kg. Cord prevents spring kinking.
Has now been in use in over 1,000 child care centres for more than ten years. The toughest test field for toys known to human kind.
Contemporary twist on the traditional wooden toy.
A generation toy that can be passed down